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Tired for looking for a good pair of walking shoes that actually help your flat feet?  Today we are going to share with you the best walking shoes for flat feet that will actually help and be comfortable for your flat feet.  These shoes will help with your overpronation as well as prevent any potential injuries to your feet, ankles, knees, hip, and back due to your flat feet.

If you are currently suffering from any type of pain while walking, you areprobably just a good pair of walking shoes for flat feet away from being pain free.

Here are our Picks for the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

  • Brooks Addiction Walker
  • Vionic Walker
  • Saucony Grid Omni Walker
  • New Balance WW928V3
  • Drew Flare
  • Saucony Echelon LE2

best walking shoes for flat feet

We will go review each of these walking shoes for flat feet below, but if you are in a rush, here is a quick breakdown for which shoe is for you.

If you are looking for more of a plain shoe that is built very well, provides excellent comfort, great motion control to help with overpronation due to flat feet, and good arch support, then the Brooks Addiction Walker is the shoe for you.

If you need even more arch support, and want something that is a little more stylish and comes in a variety of colors, then the Vionic Walker is for you.

Finally, if you are a moderate overpronator that is looking for a stylish, well built, and very comfortable walking shoe, then the Saucony Grid Omni Walker is for you.

Before we get into the detailed reviews, lets talk quickly about what flat feet, some of the possible complications of having flat feet, and why it is so important that you get a good pair of walking shoes that are designed for flat feet.

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What are Flat Feet and What Causes Flat Feet?

“Flat feet” or “fallen arches” as the name suggests is a popular reference for a condition where a person’s foot has a collapsed arch.

The foot’s arches differ in height from one person to another, however, those who have flat feet can run into complications if not addressed.

Here are some of the causes of flat feet:

  • Genetic makeup/born with flat feet
  • Due to stretched or torn tendons
  • Different diseases that affect ligaments and muscles
  • Pregnancy
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Osteoperosis
  • Aging
  • Injury or trauma
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

While flat feet in itself will rarely cause problems in day to day activities (indeed, most people with a flat arch do not even realize it unless someone points it out), should the person attempt something more strenuous, such as brisk walking, running, or even just walking for exercise on a daily basis can cause great strain and injuries can result.

The human foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and over a 100 different muscles, tendons and ligaments, which include the arch.

The arch acts like a natural spring, by helping support the body weight with its flexibility by distributing it evenly every time a step is taken.  Your arhces also absorb shock from the impact of every step you take as well as provide stregth to push off while running or walking.

But, in some cases, the arch fails to develop properly, leading to flat foot which lacks the flexibility required for helping the feet support the body weight.

When a flat foot hits the ground, it triggers an inward rotation of the ankles and lower leg that in turn can make the knees point towards each other instead of remaining straight.  This is called overpronation and over time can cause many issues.

injury from flat feet

The upper part of the foot also follows suit, causing greater than average movement in the hip. Such abnormal movement overtime can cause strain to build up, leading to damage in the feet, knees, ankles, hip, and even back.

Possible Complications Due to Flat Feet

While some people may not experience any pain or discomfort from their flat feet, others might be in severe discomfort.

Those who have flat feet must realize that this condition alters the way you walk, from your feet to your ankles to your knees to your hips and up.  Everything is affected with every single step you take, and over time can cause serious issues.

This is especially true for those who are on their feet and more active throughout the day, as well as for those who have a walking or running routine.

While you might not experience any discomfort when first starting a walking routine, it is over time after making the same harmful body movements again and again when the pain and complications begin to arise.

Here are some of the possible issues caused by having flat feet:

  • Musclar, tendon, joint, and bone pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, and even neck.
  • Loss of shock absorption leading to shock transferring further up your body resulting in shin splints.
  • Bunions
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Knee pain/problems
  • Pain and issues in your achillies tendon
  • Hip issues
  • Back pain
  • and more….

Those are just some of the most common issues from having flat feet.  Often times pain and injury due to flat feet is misdiagnosed because there is no actual pain in the feet.

Due to the fact there is often no pain in the feet, those who are active may feel as though they do not need to get walking or running shoes that are specifially made for flat feet.  This is why it is important to realize that it is the overpronation that causes injury to other parts of your body such as ankles, shins, knees, hips, and back.


Why you Should get Walking Shoes Designed for Flat Feet

This is where finding a good pair of walking shoes for flat feet comes in …

These shoes are specially designed to provide support and cushioning for the feet so that they can manage the body weight more efficiently. They come with an inbuilt arch in the insole region that simulates the foot’s natural curvature.

Furthermore motion control shoes are also available that have even more support in the midsole and a reinforced heel.

The purpose of these types of walking shoes is to correct the harmful movements that are caused by flat feet and allow your body to move in the proper way from your feet the whole way up to your hips and back.

Evertyhing is a chain reaction up through your body, and when you start at your feet with an incorrect movement due to flat feet, the rest of your body moves in an incorrect way.

Walking shoes that are designed for those with flat feet correct this and reduce the amount of stress put on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back etc.  This means that over time instead of experiencing a lot of pain, due to incorrect body movements, you will be pain free as if your feet are normal and will be able to walk for many years to come!

6 of the Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Here are 6 of the best walking shoes for flat feet that are out there today and have received tons of positive feedback.

Purchasing any one of these walking shoes will have a huge positive impact on your health over time.

#1 Best Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – Brooks Addiction Walker

brooks flat

The first shoe we are recommending to you just so happens to be one of the best walking shoes to ever hit the market.

From its high quality build to its amazing comfort and support, the Brooks Addiction Walker lands itself at the top of the best walking shoes for flat feet list.

The main focus of these shoes is arch support and motion control to correct overpronation that is caused by flat arches.

These shoes have an exceptional arch support system, among many other great features, making them a dream come true for those with flat feet.

Upon putting them on, you will immediately feel the comfort and excellent arch support.

Lets take a look at some of the key features that make the Brooks Addiction Walker a perfect choice for those with flat feet:

  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) – this is a dual density post at the arch of your foot providing excellent arch support and control of pronation.  This means that not only are you getting proper arch support, but you are also getting the benefit of proper pronation which ensures all body parts are moving in the proper motion.  This dramatically reduces the amount of stress and potential injury to your ankles, knees, hips, and back, especially over time.
  • HydroFlow Technology – This has been designed to increase the midsole support system.  It is a cushioning system that is made of a dynamic fluid strategically located in the heel and forefoot areas and provides excellent comfort, support, and well as shock absorption.
  • Full-Length MoGo Midsole Compound –  Delivers a soft and stable cushy feel while providing even more cushioning and control to your arch area through your gait cycle.
  • Durable Cushsole – adding even more comfort, this feature provides a flexible and cushioned experience with every stike of the ground.
  • MC Pod Configuration – this technology provides exceptional motion control by allowing your mid and outsole to put and keep your feet in a correct and balanced position throughout the entire gait cycle.  This is a huge feature for walkers with flat feet.

Those are just some of the features making these shoes a good pick for those with flat feet like yourself.


The Brooks Addiction Walker has a lot under the hood that allows for a smooth, supported, controlled, and easy walking experience.

This shoe is built very durable and lasts for a long time.

Minus the not so stylish look, the Brooks Addiction Walker are one of the best women’s walking shoes for flat feet.

These are going to be a good fit for those who have severe overpronation due to flat feet.

As you will see at the link below, these are very popular and have received raving reviews from walkers with flat feet who were struggling to find a pair of shoes that fixed their problem.

Check out a few reviews from those who have flat feet…

brooks reviews flat feet


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#2 Best Flat Foot Walking Shoe – Vionic Walker

vionic walker for flat feet

The Vionic Walker is another walking shoe that comes with excellent arch support, making it one of the most popular shoes for those with flat feet.

The shoes are made with the best quality materials and are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Associtation) approved for providing excellent support and control for flat feet and overpronation.

What makes the Vionic Walker one of the best walking shoes for flat feet is the fact that it comes with a very good midsole and heel system, that when combined, provides exceptional support, stability, comfort, and control throught the gait cycle.

Here are some of the features that make the Vionic Walker one of the best walking shoes for women with flat feet:

High Quality and Well Constructed Midsole/Arch Area – the midsole support system is made of a medium density EVA material that is very lightweight, flexible, and provides excellent support.  This midsole system also does a good job of absorbing shock, which reduces the amount of stress on your feet and ankles.

Supportive Heel Counter System – this is made of a firm thermoplastic and provides added support and very good stability.  This combined with the midsole system make for a very supportive and controlled experience.

Well Cushioned Collar and Tongue – makes for a comfortable fit and feel right out of the box.

Durable Outsole – the outsole is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which provides good traction, durability, and a smooth ride.

Mositure Wickening Lining with PU Foam Base – this is a mesh lining that provides great breathability, keeping your feet nice and cool.  The PU foam base provides added comfort, and the moisture wickening properties keep your feet dry and reduces friction.


The Vionic Walker is a very well made walking shoe that has received great praise for having excellent arch support. 

These are a little more stylish than the Brooks Addiction and come in 4 different color combinations.  They also come with different width options.

The shoe offers superior comfort and stability thanks to its heel and midsole construction.

These are one of the best walking shoes for flat feet currently on the market and with its durable build, will last you a long time.

Here are some reviews from owners who have flat feet…

vionic walker reviews flat feet


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#3 Top Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – Saucony Grid Omni Walker

saucony grid omni walker

Saucony has an excellent line up of walking shoes, and the Omni Walker is at the top of the list.

These shoes are extremely popular and have received tons of 5 star reviews.

The Omni Walker is going to be a great choice for those who have a smaller budget and those who have moderate overpronation due to flat feet.

The shoe offers a variety of different technological advancements over competing products.

Saucony has added a number of features to the Omni Walker that are a welcome upgrade, making them one of the best walking shoes for flat feet.

The shoe has leather upper and a forefoot outsole that helps to propel your feet properly, while ensuring that they remain comfortable.

Saucony has added cushioning material wherever pressure can result, giving the shoe a very comfortable fit and stride.  You literally feel as if you were walking on a cloud!

Here are some of the key features making the Saucony Grid Omni Walker a great shoe for people with flat feet:

Comfortable Midfoot Support Bridge – this is a comfortable arch support system that will provide plenty of arch support for flat feet.

SRC Crash Pads – located in the heels, this provides comfort and shock absorbtion with every ground strike.

HRC Stroble Board – Saucony has implemented its HRC (High Rebound Compound) material throughout the inner lining of the shoe in order to give it greater cushioning and comfort.

Visible Rearfoot Grid System – for added cushioning, the Rearfoot grid system which is made from woven hytrel filaments, provides comfort and stability by centering the heel on impact.

Forefoot HRC – this is a superior, lightweight forefoot cushioning system that provides comfort and cushioning in the toe off portion of the gait cycle.

SRC Impact Zone – or Superior Rebound Compound is an evolution of Saucony’s HRC material which is used to provide shock absorption and sets your feet in the correct position for a smooth transition with every stride.

Walk Trac – this is a Saucony patented outsole design that provides a smooth and proper transition.


The Saucony Omni Grid Walker is a good walking shoe for flat feet with an even better price tag.

These are a great choice for walkers who have flat feet and are a moderate overpronator. The insole and midfoot bridge design is perfect as it positions the foot correctly during every step to ensure that they do not turn inwards.

If this sounds like you, and you want a fairly priced walking shoe that provides comfort and durability, the Saucony Grid Omni Walker is the shoe for you!

Read a couple reviews from those who have flat feet and are owners of the Saucony Omni Grid Walker…

saucony reviews flat feet


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#4 Best Women’s Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – New Balance WW928V3

new balance ww928v3

New Balance has been making top notch shoes in every category you can think of for decades.  The New Balance WW928V3 is the 3rd generation of the WW928 shoe line.  The 928 line of New Balance shoes has been extremely popular and have received tons of praise from those who have owned them.

With each generation, New Balance makes improvements, so this means that the WW928V3 is better than both of the previous versions.

This shoe packs a lot of high quality features that results in a shoe that provides a lot of comfort, support, and stability.  In addition, this shoe comes with several features which make this a great walking shoe for those with flat feet.

Lets take a look at some of the main features that make this a good walking shoe for flat feet:

ABZORB Midfoot – This is a midfoot cushioning system that provides a lot of cushioning and comfort.  In addition it also provides a comfortable midfoot support for your flat feet.

ROLLBAR Technology – This is a technology that is located in the rear foot area and it reduces and prevents rear foot movement.  This helps to keep your foot from sliding and moving around as well as provides stability in the rear foot region.

Seamless Phantom Liner – This is a seamless lining inside the shoe that contains anti microbial properties which provide a fresh and healthy environment for your feet.  A seamless liner means no seams or stitching to rub against or irritate your feet while walking.  The seamless liner adds to the comfort this shoe provides.

Walking Strike Path Outsole – This is an outsole that is made of rubber and is strategically made to promote stability and motion control.   This is a durable outsole that is made to last.

Padded Tongue and Collar – The padded tongue and collar adds a lot of comfort and support to the shoe as well as added support.


The New Balance WW928V3 is a nice looking shoe for flat feet.  This is the 3rd generation of the 928 series, and is the best yet.  This shoe packs a lot of comfort as well as a lot of support for those with flat feet.

The New Balance WW928V3 has received a lot of positive reviews from those who own these shoes.  In addition, these shoes have received a lot of positive feedback from those who have flat feet.

These shoes come in 4 different colors, and even come with a velcro lace option for those who are interested in that.  These shoes are fairly priced and are built to last.

Here are a few comments from those who own these shoes…

new balance ww928v3 reviews


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#5 Best Women’s Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – Drew Flare

drew flare walking shoes for flat feet

Drew shoes may not be a brand you have heard of or recognize.  Drew is a company that focuses on making orthopedic shoes that are made for those who have a variety of foot issues.

The Drew Flare is a good choice for those with flat feet and comes packed full of features that make this shoe very comfortable.  In addition, there are many features that allow this shoe to provide a great deal of stability to help with overpronation.

These shoes in a variety of widths including medium, wide, and extra wide.  These shoes have received a lot of positive feedback from those with wide feet, stating that they have had an extremely hard time finding a pair of shoes to fit their wide feet comfortably, but these shoes fit them perfect.

Here are some of the features that make this one of the best walking shoes for flat feet:

Tempered Steel Shank – This is a strategically placed shank that provides exceptional stability as well as arch support.  This feature will help with overpronation due to flat feet.  This will keep your feet in the proper position throughout the gait cycle, which eliminates the potential for injury due to flat feet.

Medial Heel Stabilizer – This is another feature that provides stability.  This is in the rear foot area and provides complete stability for your heels.  This also prevents your heel from sliding and slipping around inside the shoe.

Drilex Lining – This is a comfortable lining that comes with an AEGIS Microbe Shield that controls odor and stains.  It also is a moisture wickening liner that will keep your feet dry and cool.

Rubber Rocker Bottom – This outsole is designed to match the natural walking motion and promotes a healthy and proper gait cycle which keeps your feet, ankles, and legs in the proper position while walking.  This feature also absorbs step shock with every strike you make on the ground.

Breathable Padded Tongue and Collar – The tongue and collar are made of a soft foam material and provide a comfortable and snug fit.  This provides comfort to the top of your feet as well as your ankles.

Breathable Leather and Mesh Upper – The upper on this shoe is made from durable leather as well as breathable mesh.  This allows your feet to breath and stay nice and cool throughout the day.  The combination of leather and mesh gives these shoes a nice stylish look.


The Drew Flare pack some serious comfort and provide a ton of stability for those with flat feet.  These shoes have received a lot of praise from those who are on their feet all day, such as nurses.

The stability provided by these shoes is throughout the entire shoe.  Stability is very important for those with flat feet.  When you have flat feet, you start off the whole walking motion in incorrect positions.  This sends a chain reaction up through your ankles, legs, hips etc, and overtime can cause serious injuries.  This is why stability is important, and these shoes provide a lot of it.

Here are what owners of the Drew Flare have to say…

drew flare reviews


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#6 Best Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – Saucony Echelon LE2

Saucony echelon le2

Saucony has landed on our list again with the Echelon LE2 walking shoes.  These walking shoes provide excellent arch support, are sleek, and very lightweight.  Many Saucony lovers have referred to the Echelon LE2 as the best walking shoes Saucony has put out to date.

These shoes are made to last and comes with a ton of top of the line features.

Lets discuss some of these features that make this one of the best shoes for flat feet:

EVA ComfortLite Sockliner – This is a molded EVA sockliner that fits snug to the curves in your feet.  This feature provides a good amount of arch support as well as reduces pressure in the forefoot area.  This is a comfortable liner that adds a lot to the shoe.

SRC Impact Zone – This feature serves multiple purposes.  First, it absorbs shock in the heel area of your foot.  Second, it reduces torque and provides a smooth transition through the midfoot area with every stride.  This feature protects your feet from injury and promotes a proper gait.

Full Length PowerGrid Midsole – This feature runs the length of the shoe and centers your foot.  In addition it absorbs the shock from impact with every strike.  This feature also does a good job at redistributing pressure which provides a nice and responsive ride that has a very smooth transition.  This feature makes walking in these shoes a dream.

Dual Density S SL EVA Foam – This is a lightweight material that adds comfort, enhances rebound, and adds durability to the shoe.

iBR+ Outsole – This outsole is 33% lighter than rubber outsoles.  This outsole provides a lot of cushioning for added comfort with every stride.

Breathable Liner – This shoe comes with a breathable fabric lining that offers a comfortable and cool in shoe environment for you foot.


The Saucony Echelon LE2 is a very comfortable shoe that is lightweight yet durable.  These shoes provide plenty of arch support for those with flat feet and will prevent your feet from rolling inward.

These shoes have a roomy toebox and have received high praise from those with bunions, knee and back pain, and other foot problems.  Right now you can grab these shoes at 33% discount at the link below.

Here are some comments from those who wear these walking shoes…

saucony echelon le2 reviews


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