The Top 3 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

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Today we are going to share with you the top 3 walking shoes for flat feet on the market.

As usual there will be a shoe recommended for a larger budgets, a medium budgets, and a smaller budgets.

But first, since we are all walkers here, I want to discuss with you the issue of flat feet and the importance of getting the correct walking shoes to prevent permanent injuries.

“Flat feet” as the name suggests is a popular reference for a condition where a person’s foot has a collapsed arch.

The foot’s arches differ in height from one person to another, however, should the arch be either over pronounced, or not at all, problems can occur.

This can happen due to any number of reasons – it can be because of the person’s genetic makeup, or if the muscles in the arch were too weak to support it.

While flat feet in itself will rarely cause problems in day to day activities (indeed, most people with a flat arch do not even realize it unless someone points it out), should the person attempt something more strenuous, such as brisk walking, running, or even just walking for exercise on a daily basis can cause great strain and injuries can result.

The human foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and over a 100 different muscles, tendons and ligaments, which include the arch.

This arch acts like a natural spring, helping support the body weight with its flexibility by distributing it evenly every time a step is taken.

But, in some cases, the arch fails to develop properly, leading to flat foot which lacks the flexibility required for helping the feet support the body weight.

When a flat foot hits the ground, it triggers an inward rotation of the lower leg that in turn can make the knees point towards each other instead of remaining straight.

The upper part of the foot also follows suit, causing greater than average movement in the hip. Such abnormal movement overtime can cause strain to build up, leading to damage in the knees, and feet.

Walking Shoes For Flat Feet Are a Must

This is where walking shoes for flat feet come in …

These shoes are specially designed to provide support and cushioning for the feet so that they can manage the body weight more efficiently. They come with an inbuilt arch in the insole region that simulates the foot’s natural curvature.

Furthermore motion control shoes are also available that have even more support in the midsole and a reinforced heel.

The Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Here are my top 3 womens walking shoes for flat feet.

While there certainly are others, I know that these shoes got it right and can help people with flat feet like yourself walk properly.

Brooks Addiction Walker: (Medium Budget)

brooks flat









The first shoe I am recommending to you just so happens to be the winner winner chicken dinner!

The Brooks Addiction Walker is my all time favorite womens shoe for flat feet.

Being a 7.5, I was definitely relieved that the Addiction walker is available in half sizes as well (surprising how many shoes out there are not)!

Secondly, the shoes are exceptionally light; they literally feel feather weight the moment you pick them up.

Putting them on, you are taken by the comfortable fit of the insoles, and I could immediately feel the exceptional arch support.  These are a dream and a must have for those with flat feet.

The shoes come with an extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) which is a dual density post at the arch of your foot providing excellent support and control.

The following are some of the shoes best features:

  • HydroFlow – This is a midsole cushioning system that provides excellent comfort, support, as well as shock absorption and more added comfort due to the dynamic fluid units strategically placed in the heel and forefoot.
  • Full-Length MoGo Midsole Compound –  Delivers a soft and stable cushy feel while providing even more cushioning and control through your gait cycle.
  • Durable Cushsole – provides a flexible and cushioned ride.
  • MC Pod Configuration – A technology that puts your outsole and midsole in a perfect position that in return delivers extreme motion control and flexibility from heel strike to toe off.


The Brooks Addiction Walker has a lot under the hood that allows for a smooth, easy walking experience.

This shoe is built extremely well and lasts forever.

This is one of the best women’s walking shoes for flat feet, so if you have flat feet and your budget allows, then these are a must have.

As you will see, I am not the only person who thinks highly of these shoes, check out some more reviews below.

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NEW BALANCE WW928: (Bigger Budget)

new balance ww928









The New Balance WW928 is a women’s walking shoe for flat feet that sports the latest technologies from the footwear giant.

The shoes are made with the best quality materials and are podiatrist approved for providing excellent support for a flat foot.

Upon lacing them up, I was immediately taken by their form factor and comfortable fit.

What makes these one of the best walking shoes for flat feet is the fact that it comes with a rollbar, which is a thermoplastic urethane posting system that minimizes rear foot movement and make the gait more stable.

Some of the WW928’s other salient features:

ABZORB Shock Absorption: The latest iteration of this tried and tested technology offers the best cushioning against terrain hazards yet.

Leather Mesh Upper: Provides an excellent and comfortable fit, and is terrific to look at.

N-ERGY Midsoles: Strategically placed midsole compounds for assisting in the heel to toe transition while adding another layer of cushioning.
Odor Resistant Phantom Lining: Carries anti-bacterial coating on the insole which limits acts as a barrier against odor resistance, while providing a comfortable stride.


The shoe offers everything that you want in a good walking shoes for your flat feet.  It is priced a little on the higher end, but is definitely worth the extra money.

The shoe offers superior comfort and stability thanks to its Rollbar technology and midsole construction.

These are some of the best walking shoes for flat feet currently in the market and will last you a long time.

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saucony grid omni walker









This is a great walking shoes for flat feet for those who are on a smaller budget.

The shoe offers a variety of different technological advancements over competing products.

Saucony has added a number of features to the Omni Walker that are a welcome upgrade, these include the SRC crash pads in the heels that provide support during rigorous exercise.

The shoe has leather upper and a forefoot outsole that helps to propel your feet properly, while ensuring that they remain comfortable.

Another reassuring factor is the presence of cushioning, wherever applicable.

Saucony has added cushioning material wherever pressure can result, giving the shoe a very comfortable fit and stride, you literally feel as if you were walking on a cloud!

Here are some of the best features of the Saucony Grid Omni Walker:

HRC Stroble Board: Saucony has implemented its HRC (High Rebound Compound) material throughout the inner lining of the shoe in order to give it greater cushioning and comfort.

Visible Rearfoot Grid System: For added cushioning, the Rearfoot grid system provides stability by centering the heel on impact.

Dual Density Impulse EVA: EVA is a superior midsole material that provides durable, responsive lightweight cushioning.

SRC Impact Zone: Or Superior Rebound Compound is an evolution of Saucony’s HRC material and is used for providing shock attenuation and sets the foot for a smooth transition.

Walk Trac: A Saucony patented outsole design that provides the best foot transition ever!


The Saucony Omni Grid Walker is an excellent cheaply priced walking shoe for flat feet.

These are the only shoes that I have come across which are designed exclusively around the idea of a comfortable stride, every step that is taken is exceedingly well cushioned.

The insole design is perfect for flat footed people as it positions the foot perfectly to ensure that they do not turn inwards.

If the budget is tight, these shoes are a must have for flat footed walkers!

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cesarina April 2, 2015 at 3:57 am

Hello, I am trying to buy some walking trainers which are ideal for flat feet. Could you please tell me what you have available?

Sally Shoeru April 8, 2015 at 11:26 am


Have you taken a look at the 3 choices I have listed above? These shoes are 3 very good options for those who suffer from having flat feet. Picking up a pair of any of those 3 will be your best choice. Hope this helps…Thanks


kathleen pebbles May 15, 2015 at 11:57 pm

I bought the brooks shoes and the arch inside is to high recommend another shoes for normal arch to very low?

Sally Shoeru May 26, 2015 at 3:53 pm


I am sorry the Brooks did not work out, but not every shoe is going to work for everyone. I would suggest the Saucony option above for a more normal arch. Hope this helps!

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