10 Weight Loss Myths to Chew on – This Will Shock You!

weight loss myths

Within the weight loss industry, there are some pretty bold claims and promises that are broken every single day by some of the biggest companies in the world.

With all of the misinformation about weight loss flying around the internet like a lost flock of overweight, old aged geese flying South, here is a list of 10 weight loss myths to set the record straight.

1. Eating snacks is killing your weight loss efforts and you are going to stay fat.

You hear it all over the place, stop eating snacks in between meals, and you will look like Pamela Anderson next month. Well, this isn’t quite true. In fact, not snacking can actually backfire and make it harder to lose weight.

If your body tells you that it is hungry and you ignore it, you are essentially starving yourself. The result will be that the hormones that control hunger in your body will fire signals that tell your body to go into survival/fat storage mode, which means it will work to store fat, making it harder for you to burn that fat.

Eating small but yet healthy snacks is the way to go and will ensure that your body is firing off the correct signals. Plus eating small snacks also plays a role in preventing overeating when meal time comes.

The bottom line: By not snacking, you are sending your body into survival mode, meaning your metabolism is being slowed down. Opt for small and healthy snacks.

2. Drop all carbs – they are bad!

no carbs

With “no carb” diets becoming increasingly popular, you’d swear that if you ever touched a carb again you will be overweight forever.

While it is true that not all carbs are created equal, it is also true that there are good carbs, and carbs play an important rule in being able to lose weight as well as disease prevention.

Carbs that are high in sugars and contain a lot of white flour should be avoided, yes. However, carbs that are found in beans, fruits and veggies, and whole grains, provide vital nutrients, are much lower in calories, and often help reduce the risk of diseases.

Also, carbs are an excellent source of energy and fuel for that work out routine you are busting your butt on.

The bottom line: Not all carbs are bad, go for the good ones and reduce the bad ones!

3. Fruits and vegetables that are frozen contain less nutrients than those that are not.

FALSE! With ONE exception ….

UNLESS you live on a farm, pick the vegetables, and head straight to the kitchen to prepare and eat them. If they are picked at their peak and eaten immediately, then yes, they will have more vitamins and minerals.
However, most of us do not live on a farm, and when it comes to store bought fruits and veggies, their nutrients is lost during the shipping and storage period.

And actually, frozen fruits and vegetables are usually flash frozen at the time of picking, so they actually retain more nutrients than the non-frozen option.

The bottom line: Unless you are a farmer, picking fresh fruits and veggies, choosing frozen fruits and vegetables in the healthier option.

4. Genetics plays no role in obesity

While it might not be the only factor in being overweight, obesity does play a role.

The science behind the human body and obesity is astounding, and in many cases there is a dysfunction /mutation in the genetics somewhere along the line of someone who is overweight.

This is why it can be so much harder for one person to lose weight and keep it off as opposed to someone else who is on the exact same diet and workout routine.

The bottom line: While genetics might not be the main cause of the current obesity epidemic sweeping across the world, it does play a role in most obesity cases.

5. Eating breakfast is a must for weight loss


It is true that those who eat breakfast usually lose more weight and are more healthier, but this is not just because they eat breakfast.

Those who eat breakfast as opposed to those who do not, tend to live healthier lifestyles overall, and this is what leads to the misinformation about this myth.

The bottom line: Eating breakfast is not a magical bullet that will zap all of your fat away. Focus on improving your overall lifestyle and eating habits, and you will notice a change.

6. If you are skinny you are healthy – if you are fat you are unhealthy

Of course, obesity is linked to an increased risk of several diseases, but just because someone appears to be overweight does not mean they are unhealthy.

There are tons of people who are overweight that are still metabolically healthy.

Just as there are a lot of skinny people who are unhealthy.

The healthiness of someone who is overweight largely depends on where the fat is built up. For example, fat that is built up in the abdominal area and around organs, has a higher risk of becoming associated with a different type of disease.

The bottom line: Just because someone is overweight does not mean they are not healthy. They can still be perfectly as healthy as anyone else.

7. Weight loss diets are healthy and work

Welp, hate to break the bad news to ya, but that South Beach diet you sat and watched an infomercial for 54 minutes might actually turn out to do more harm than good.

Many diets might work in the short term, but it is the long term where they set you up for failure. Most of these diets have you cutting your caloric intake way down, and once your body acclimates, it will be all out of wack.

More than likely, it will be sent into fat storage mode, slowing your metabolism down which will then lead to the dreaded plateau and rebound weight gain.

The bottom line: Don’t believe everything you see, hear, or read. The diet industry wants you to think they have the next best thing, but in reality most diets just set you up for failure and even more weight gain in the long run.

8. Strictly doing cardio is the best way to lose weight


While you might like walking around a track in circles for 3 hours straight because your walking shoes are so comfortable, or watching your favorite rerun of the big bang theory while on the elliptical, doing strictly cardio is not the most effective way to lose weight.

In order to optimally lose weight, you need to throw in some weight lifting and resistance training as well.

In fact, weight training boosts your metabolism for a much longer time than doing cardio does.

When you combine weight training and cardio, you will increase your metabolic rate to its maximum potential.

9. All weight loss pills are safe

Don’t let this disturb you, but in many cases, the magical weight loss pills you see and hear about are often not very safe for you to be taking.

Every once in awhile you see one of these pills make the news, the company gets sued, and the pill gets taken off the shelf.

Just because a pill makes it out into the market does not mean you should grab some and start gobbling them up like skittles on Halloween.

In fact, it is advisable to just let these pills sit on the shelf and look into other ways to shed the pounds.

10. Fasting is a good way to lose weight


Not only is is not safe to fast, it is a downright disaster to do so. By fasting, you are starving yourself to lose weight. This means that after a certain period of time your body will dive into extreme survival mode and slow your metabolism way down.

Once that little burst of weight loss is over, the rebound weight will come back with vengeance, and you will be back to square one but worse.

Often times, that rebound weight gain will then be harder to lose than if you would have lost the weight the right way to begin with.

Fasting is bad for weight loss, and it is also horrible for your overall health.

There you have it, 10 weight loss myths to let sink into your brain. If you are serious about losing weight, you should look into an overall lifestyle change that incorporates healthier eating, a solid sleep schedule, and an increased activity level.

Once you develop a lifestyle like that, your body will become a much healthier machine, and weight loss will be much easier to achieve.

10 Weight Loss Myths to Chew on - This Will Shock You!
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10 Weight Loss Myths to Chew on - This Will Shock You!
The weight loss industry is filled with broken promises and misinformation. Here are 10 common weight loss myths that you may not know.
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