3 Benefits of Starting a Walking Routine – This Might Surprise you

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Starting a walking routine can be hard for some people.

People have a lot to do and not enough time to do it. This is why people are always choosing to drive or use other means of transport.

The fact is that walking would be an excellent option in some of these cases. Walking has its advantages and this is why it is recommended. Establishing a walking routine should be something that people consider for their benefit.

A walking routine does not necessary mean that you have to have an intense work out.

It could even be a short distance. For instance when you are going for lunch at work, you can choose to walk.

If your work place is not too far, you can walk to work maybe on weekends. It’s a matter of taking advantage of the time you find to do it. You can start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Cardio vascular and muscle exercises

20 benefits of walking
One most important benefit of starting a walking routine is related to heath.

Good health should be a priority for everyone. Individuals should find ways to make sure that they stay healthy. One way to do that is by walking. Walking is a good way to stay fit. The most important advantage is the effect walking has on the heart.

Walking regularly minimizes the risk of heart conditions. With a well established walking routine, one is able to keep some of those pesky heart conditions at bay.

When you are walking, the heart gets good exercise.

This is what it needs to keep functioning the way it should. Walking is a good way to get cardio vascular exercise which also works wonders for your lungs. It’s not just heart conditions that are prevented. There are some other conditions like high blood pressure.

The muscles also get strengthened from the walking. It’s a good way to get stronger bones. Brisk walking is an excellent way to exercise muscles. With a good walking routine, you wouldn’t have to worry about the endurance of your muscles.

Exercising the feet and the spine

Over the years, people have relied too much on using machines.

Almost everything now is done using some sort of machine. This has made walking less necessary. Gone are the days when people had to run from one office to another for meetings or to send messages. People are now conferencing for meetings and using bike messengers.

This means that people do less walking. This can be hazardous in so many ways. Spending the whole day sitting at the office does not help anyone. The feet do not get as much exercise as they should.

This is why it helps to establish a walking routine.

There is need for the feet to move around more; not just from the house to the garage and from the office to the parking lot. These are habits that are harmful to the body especially the spine. Walking is a good way to give the spine some good exercise.

The best thing about it is that the potential for injury is lower. You can’t compare walking to an exercise like jogging or running.

When you are walking, the stress that is put on the spinal discs is not that extensive.

Walking allows for spinal discs to get the minerals they need. It is a good way to relieve the discs of all the stress of sitting down the whole day. A good walking workout should be able to get your spine the exercise it needs without too much of a hassle.

Clearing your mind

walking for mental health
Another advantage is the effect walking has on the mental health of an individual.

Walking provides a good way to relive stress. After a long day at work, taking a short walk helps clear the mind. Walking allows an individual to loosen up and get lost in the environment. It gives you the chance to think through your day and sort out things in your head.

You get to kill off two birds with one stone. This helps especially if the walking route is conducive.

A walk through the park for instance may give you a chance to admire nature while getting your workout. You get to relax your mind while exercising your body.

If you have a playlist with you, that’s even better.

You can walk without having to listen to all the chatter going on around you.

Be careful however not to be distracted especially if there are cars passing on your route. You can also get someone to join you on your walks. This way you can have someone to talk to and relax while at it.

Establishing an effective walking routine

When coming up with a walking routine, there are some things that should be considered carefully.

One of that is the route to be used. The route should be chosen with the utmost attention. Your walking route should be safe first and foremost. Avoid taking risky short cuts just because you want your walk to end faster. You may not know what you are risking. Look for safe routes where to take your walks.

The path you take should also be even. Flat terrain is good for your feet.  However, if you wish to enjoy nature a bit more, it is good to also walk some trails as long as you buy a pair of trail walking shoes that are specifically made for trail walking.

Another important factor is the walking gear. Make sure that you have the right shoes.

If for instance you are walking to work, your work shoes may not be very appropriate. If you are taking a long walk, make sure that you have the right footwear. The shoes you are wearing will make a lot of difference.

For those long walks during the weekend, make sure that you are well hydrated.

Some people forget to take enough water and end up getting dehydrated during their walk. Avoid such an instance by making sure you take enough liquids to compensate for the ones you will lose.

Make sure that you know how much you should walk. Try not to overdo it. A 15 minute walk everyday should be enough.

You can find out what the recommended time is for walking workouts. If you don’t have enough time to complete a full walking routine, you can try and make it up some other way.

Consider all these factors when thinking about your walking routine. With the right schedule, you will start to see results in no time.

3 Benefits of Starting a Walking Routine - This Might Surprise you
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3 Benefits of Starting a Walking Routine - This Might Surprise you
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