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brooks addiction walker
Now we all love our running shoes which come with all that extra cushioning and stability, they really can make long distance jaunts a heck of a lot easier.

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Unfortunately, the intensive nature of the exercise also means that running shoes end up being rather heavy, at least heavier than walking shoes anyways and how we wished that their “being on a cloud” like feeling was available in a lighter format, one which would be fit for casual strolling and not pavement pounding.

Brooks walking shoes have become a favorite for many walkers over the years, and the addiction walker with no surprise has been a top choice.

Brooks seems to have caught wind of this and have come out with their Brooks Addiction Walker, the first walking shoe which pairs the lightness of walking shoes with the comfort of a running shoe, and boy have they done a great job!

First Impressions on the Brooks Addiction Walker

The shoe is available for both men and women in 3 different shades – white, black and brown.

There is nothing ground breaking or flashy about the design, although it still manages to pull off its lines with style, meaning you won’t look 1998 wearing these.

The makers have generously added an extra wide option for people with broader feet so there is plenty of wiggle space within them.

Finally, even at first glance, you can easily tell that the shoes are constructed with high quality material and are made to last, and they are.

Features of the Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker does have a lot going on under the hood which makes it quite a good deal.

We were most impressed with its MOGO Midsole (an award winning feature btw) which offers excellent cushioning and lends the shoe a rare comfort factor not otherwise found.

As stated before, cushioning of this caliber is typically only used in running shoes and is a first of sorts for a shoe meant explicitly for walking.

Here is an info graphic on the award winning MOGO Midsole

brooks mogo

(Photo via

Another impressive addition to the shoe is its leather upper, which adds to the shoe’s comfort and support.

The Addiction Walker features Brooks signature PDRB triple in its midsole which is designed to prevent the ankle from rolling over the side, making your walking a lot more stable.

The shoe also comes with Brooks Forefoot Hydroflow technology which is essentially fluid filled pads in the front of the shoe designed to add cushioning for the toes.

If you have ever experienced a twisted ankle while walking or running, then you already know what brilliant and thoughtful addition such features are!

The makers have given the shoe a slip resistant outsole, a boon for walking during the winter or rainy seasons. The outsole on the Brooks Addiction Walker is extremely durable and has been torture tested to ensure that it doesn’t give in.

Finally, the shoe also has the S-257 Cushsole, which gives it good durability as well as added flexibility and cushioning.

Pros of the Brooks Addiction Walker

Now the shoe really has some impressive features no doubt, but just how does it fare in the real world? Here are some observations we made which will give you a clearer picture …

Excellent Fit and Very Comfortable
The Brooks Addiction Walker really has a very good comfort and fit, period!

You will never have issues walking with these and they indeed do become addictive after the first try.

The shoes have plenty of room in them and will easily accommodate most feet; being deeper than other walking shoes, they are perfect for people who are dealing with complicated foot related issues.

Brooks claims that the shoes can easily be worn for up to 12 hours at a stretch and given the degree of comfort which they have incorporated in them, we see no reason to doubt that claim.

The MOGO midsoles indeed provide excellent shock absorption while keeping the ankles well aligned and their Hydroflow technology also gives you a comfortable feel in the forefoot region.

Good Support
The Addiction Walker is actually being recommended by doctors to persons who are dealing with orthopedic issues such as weak ankles or bone deformities because of the degree of support they provide.

The PDRB triple density post works as it is advertised and never lets your foot tip over.

While walking with them, it becomes apparent that the designers went to great lengths to ensure that your ankle never buckles.

They have designed the shoe with added space to support lower arches so that you can include your own orthotics to augment the shoe if necessary.

The arch support also prevents your ankle from turning inwards while you walk which is how most ankle injuries happen.

Finally, the leather upper of the shoe both adds comfort while enhancing the shoe ergonomically by giving your feet yet more support.

Simply put, you will really have to try very hard (or do something pretty outrageous) to sprain your ankle while wearing these.

Reasonably Priced

You can pick a pair of these up for $120 + free shipping …

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a perfect addition to your shoe rack, and for the comfort and stability that they provide, we might even call their prices a steal.

Cons of the Brooks Addiction Walker

All of this does not mean that we cannot find fault with the Addiction though, and it does have its fair share of drawback…

Could Have Used a Better Design

Now we said earlier that there is nothing wrong with the design per se, however given the kind of awesome walking shoes with cool colors and sporty lines that are coming out these days, we cannot help but wonder why Brooks chose to go with such a simple and straightforward setup.

Some people have even openly voiced their dissatisfaction on web boards with the choice of colors that Brooks has offered them.

While this really isn’t a deal breaker, persons who are in the market for reasonably comfortable shoes with cutting edge designs would probably find the Addiction to be a turn off.

The Addiction Walker does look rather big and bulky and people with small, slender feet might find it to a little odd looking.


It would seem that the Brooks Addiction Walker is designed keeping practicality in perspective over showmanship so if you are looking for a comfortable walking shoe, then look no further.

Brooks has done a great job making a comfortable walking shoe and they are indeed a great pair to put on for long strolls.

This shoe is by far one of the most comfortable walking shoes on the market – hands down.

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