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The 3 Best Hiking Shoes for Women – Read These Reviews Before Buying


It’s Melissa again, and today we are hiking away!  I am going to share with your the top 3 hiking shoes for women below, but first I have some important information I want you to read.

Thankfully, getting a hiking boot for women is easier now than it used to; most of the boots a few years back required you to walk in them extensively before they could be broken and that is never a comfortable thing.

However, these days you can, with a little effort find a hiking shoe for yourself which can fit your foot properly from day one.

So how can we go about getting the best hiking shoe for yourself? Read on to find out!

What are Women’s Hiking Shoes?

There are a variety of different types of hiking shoes for women that you can opt for depending on your requirement – you have hiking shoes, hiking boots and mountaineering boots, all of which have special features meant to help you negotiate special terrains.

Of the three, hiking shoes are best for light, weekend trekking while mountaineering boots is what you are looking for if you want to go climbing mountains.

A good hiking shoe for women is lighter than a boot, yet sturdier than most trail shoes.

Like them they are also designed to fit on to the right foot size right from the get go.

These shoes are often low cut and are available in both waterproofed and regular options.

Their soles are extremely sturdy and the uppers are made of lightweight leather making them ideal for long treks into the wild.

The Anatomy of a Hiking Shoe

As hiking is fairly demanding, you need a shoe that has every part of its construction made to tolerate stress…

Soles: These are the bottommost part of a shoe and it is responsible for providing shock absorption, grip against the ground and protection against the terrain.

Most soles are made out of tough durable rubber, however in more recent times; synthetic gel is also being used for its greater durability and resilience.

Upper: Basically is the portion that is over the sole.

The upper of the shoe is what holds your foot and protects it against abrasions and twisting. A good upper will ensure that your foot is held in place without making it uncomfortable.

Inner: The inner of a hiking boot uses generous padding and water proof material that are designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry for as long as possible.

Now-a-days inners are also equipped with water resistant fabrics such as Gore-tex which can ensure that no moisture reaches your feet, however any sweat buildup also escapes keeping your feet as dry as possible.

A good hiking shoe for women will utilize the best technologies and material making your hikes as comfortable as possible.

The 3 Best Hiking Shoes for Women on the Market Today

All three of these shoes are amazing, and I am not the only gal to think so … take a minute and look at the TONS of 5 start reviews each of these shoes has!

The Merrell Moab Ventilator:

merrell moab ventilator




A low cut and light weight shoe, the Merrell Moab Ventilator is made almost entirely out of leather and mesh, making it extremely breathable.

The shoe has a generous amount of padding added to the top which ensures that your strides into the wilderness are very comfortable.

Since the front of the shoe is made out of re-enforced rubber, you can be rest assured that your feet will remain safe from sharp rocks and uneven terrain.

The shoe utilizes Vibram soles that are the finest currently available.

Made especially for footwear meant for outdoors, Vibram soles are crafted out of high performance, quality rubber, and compounds.

The soles do offers excellent traction; traversing into the woods even into wet marshlands is made simple and virtually effortless.

I was surprised by how little slipping and sliding happened when I had to make my way through mud during a trail.

All in all, the Ventilator is excellent for hot weather conditions as it is light and breathes well.

The shoe can be used in most conditions and on most terrains. It is definitely made well and feels sturdy when I put it on.

It never required any break in period, it was comfortable the moment I put it on and even though I have walked in them for over 6 months, I have not had to deal with any issues.

The Merrell Moab Ventilator is a great women’s hiking shoe and can be purchased for between $90 and $100 and for the comfortable walks that it offers, the shoe is very well priced indeed.

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Keen Targhee 2:

keen targhee 2










The Targhee 2 is absolutely the most comfortable hiking shoe that I have ever put on, period!

The shoe does a good job supporting your feet although it is a little on the heavier side of the weight spectrum.

It’s toe box is constructed such that it feels both roomy and unrestricted as well as helping you lock your feet securely in place.

I was particularly impressed by the shoe’s heel cup which was a perfect fit, in most of the shoes that I have tried on, some form of abrasion almost always results after having clocked round about 120 hours in them, I was amazed to see that my ankles were as snug and comfortable as when I had first put on the shoe.

The shoe is lined with KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable material which is designed to help you walk through rain or snow without much trouble at all.

The Keen Targhee 2 is jam packed with features and offers one heck of a smooth ride.

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Keen Voyageur:

keen voyageur










The Voyageur from Keen is the most breathable shoes for hiking that I have put on.

This is mostly due to the fact that its upper is mostly constructed out of mesh.

Like the Targhee 2, the Voyageur has a very comfortable toe box allowing for plenty of mobility.

The shoe weighs 1.66 pounds per pair which pits it as a mid weight contender.

The Voyageur is available in both mid and low cut versions, the former offering greater ankle support while the latter offers a greater range of motion for your feet.

Its dual density compression molded EVA midsole helps to add a level of comfort to your feet that is hard to match.

The Voyageur is attractively priced at $110 making it a perfect choice for your next hiking shoe.

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