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Today I want to talk to you about a device that I have been using for awhile now … It is called the Motorola Motoactv, and today I want to give you a Motorola Motoactv review!

There are casual exercisers and then there are fitness buffs who will do whatever it takes to spend some serious hours working out, come what may! As with all those who are passionate about what they do, fitness experts are always out there looking for tools, tips and tricks to help them take their activity to the next level and the Motorola Motoactv is god sent for them.


This extremely versatile piece of wrist wear runs on android and is all you will ever need to track your fitness progress with.


The Motorola Motactv measures 1.75 inches by 1.75 inches and looks a lot like the iPod Nano with its smooth touch screen. The screen however measures a little less than 1.5 inches by 1 inch in size and displays the date, time, number of steps taken, accelerometer and the number of calories you have burnt during a workout session.
Swiping on the screen with your fingers brings up the various menu options such as the device’s workout page which allows you to see important statistical information about your most recent workout session and also set the device to start recording for a new one.

You can also use these menus to enter vital information about yourself which is required in order to calculate output; this information includes age, height, weight, age and sex.


The Motorola Motoactv also comes with a pair of very comfortable headphones, a power outlet adapter and a USB cord. While these will get you on the way, you might consider purchasing some other accessories such as an arm band or a clip, like I did.

These will help you if you are on the move, in fact Motorola should have included these as freebies which would have made a lot of sense considering the kind of use the device is designed for. The device does come with a wrist strap.

Set Up

Downloading and installing the free app from for either Macs or PCs is super quick and easy, and I am not usually good at these types of things …motorola


Next, you will need to setup an account on where you will be required to submit vital information including your age, height, weight and gender in order to get more accurate data on how many calories you are burning and how much progress you are making. You can also select 5K or 10K training plans from fitness experts such as Chris Carmichael and even seven time Tour-de-France Olympic cycling winner Lance Armstrong.

These plans are tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners and cyclists. You can also create your training plans using a drop down menu which allows you to select routes you have saved to your account.

The Motorola MotoActv’s Features

Features are where the device really shines. The Motoactv is essentially many devices in one – it is a music player, sports watch, a GPS device and a workout performance assessment tool, all wrapped into one convenient and easy to use package.

  • Music Player: As a music player, the Motoactv is at par with similar, top performing devices such as the iPod Nano, and then offers some features over it.The device is available in 8 and 16 GB versions which you can fill up with your favorite workout tracks.
    Loading music onto the player is a breeze; as Motoactv recognizes all major file types, you can simply drag and drop the files you want straight into the device after connecting it to your computer.  The headphones can also work via Bluetooth which means you do not need to worry about constantly adjusting those long cables dangling around your shoulders.  [PRO TIP] In order to ensure that there is no signal breakage while using the music player in Bluetooth mode, it is best to attach the device on the upper arm rather than the wrist as doing the latter can cause some interruptions.Motorola has also boasted that the device is a smart music player which can, in a manner of speaking learn which songs pumps you up and adds it to a performance music playlist.
    motoactvThe device can be attached to a computer from where music can be transferred to it and also comes with a FM receiver built into it in case you get bored of listening to the same songs again and again.
  • GPS: The Motoactv has a GPS tracker built into it which can accurately track your workout progress.
    However, it needs close to 4 minutes when switched on when it tries to acquire a satellite feed and triangulate your position.  Alternatively, you can also hook up the device to a computer which can help the device ascertain its position quicker.  Its most impressive GPS feature is its ability to portray your progress on a small map as you run.  So whether you are hitting the trails for some serious exercising, or taking a relaxing family jog, this is really a novelty in a machine such as this, as most wrist sized GPS devices simply calculate the distance you have run and give the results numerically at the end of the session.
  • Workout-O-Meter: Choose from over 50 different present workout settings which include everything from running, walking, step machine to more exotic exercises such as punching bag, martial arts, fencing and even yard work!  You can schedule your workout sessions, create training plans (as discussed under Set Up) and also track your progress based on these plans.  In order to start a training plan, you need to select planned runs option on the device which will display a list of all the upcoming workouts by date and select the plan you wish to execute.  Doing so will display a text message which gives the workout parameters and the device will switch to map mode where a white line will show the intended path and a black line, the path you have covered.  The device is really best used with its accompanying headphones as it can also give you fitness tips based on the readings it receives its sensors.

Battery Life

The Motoactv is no doubt an impressive piece of hardware, but all the bells and whistles also mean that its battery drains out quicker.

Motorola claims that the device has a battery backup of 5 to 20 hours depending on the features that you use …

Obviously, if you are running a training program with the MP3 player and GPS, you are going to exhaust the battery faster.

Motorola has recently released a firmware update which improves the Motoactv’s power management system and helps with the battery life issue.

Dimming the display can also greatly affect battery performance so if you have the device, try and play around with its brightness settings to find a sweet spot where you find it comfortably well lit.


I have found some varying prices, and consistently find the cheapest price for this device on Amazon (see below). The device is no doubt expensive, but you get what you pay for.

As stated earlier, it will best suit those who are serious about exercising and weight loss (or those who do not mind the price tag for an expensive piece of hardware).


Given the features, the Motorola Motoactv is a winner of a product meant for the discerning sportsman.

Its huge arsenal of features will ensure that you have enough options at your disposal, no matter what your activity of choice is and its web based backup allows you to keep records and track progress in an easy to understand, lucid format.


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