The Mental Health Benefits of Walking Daily

mental health walking

Many decide to take the habit of walking daily as a form of low-impact exercise.

True, walking is the safest method to be healthy and a good start for those aiming to lead more active lifestyle.

As a cardio exercise, walking helps you lose weight for all types of people including pregnant women and elders.

Like other exercise, the benefits of walking go beyond physical.

Affordable and can be done anytime without any equipment, walking everyday is very feasible.

On top of helping your body shape up and losing weight in a healthier and safer way, walking us a great way to reap mental rewards.

The benefits of walking and other exercises to mental health also lead to optimum health and well being of a person.

Grab a great pair of walking shoes and let the fun begin!

If you are interested to know the mental benefits of walking, here are some of them.

Walking Reduces Stress

mental stressIf you have been walking even for a few times, you may have experience the feeling of being at ease.

With today’s lifestyle of locked up inside the cubicle or inside the house, the mere fact of going out can lessen stress.

Looking at green leaves and nature is therapeutic and the light pumping of the heart induces happy hormones.

With regular walking, your body releases the chemical norepinephrine, which is responsible helping the brain moderate stress.

Walking is also included in many therapies to cope mental tension and stress.

Therefore, if you find yourself frequently stressed out with work, family, and toxic people – go out and take a walk!

Walking Makes You Happy

Closely related to the previous mental benefit of daily walk, walking also release endorphins – our body’s own anti-depressant.

Regular exercises particularly those that sends you outdoors is relaxing and less forced compared to gym regimen.

With daily walks, you don’t feel obliged but rather it feels more natural and voluntary.

As your body pumps up with walking, your body temperature increases.

Post walking, it goes back to its original temperature, sending signal to the body to relax.

So the next time you feel cranky or moody – don’t give in to your frustration and walk instead! You’ll come back feeling better.

Walking Makes You Brainy

Regular walks advances brain function as well as delaying signs of degenerative diseases.

Have you noticed that the world’s riches and most successful people regularly exercise?

This explains the effects of exercise like walking to your brain.

Physical fitness is directly proportion to brain development – one of the reasons why children from infancy are encouraged to play.

And as you grow older, keep an active lifestyle by walking to keep your brain sharp.

When you exercise like walking, your body has an increase production of BDNF, a brain-derived protein.

This protein is essential when it comes to decision and learning.

So if you are pressed to make a crucial decision, daily walks will do the job.

Walking also promotes you to learn new things and make you more productive and creative.

Daily walks improve your hippocampus, the region of the brain that is for memory and learning.

With walking, you mind is clear from distractions and you are more energetic, boosting your brainpower.

One of the signs of aging is cognitive decline. Starting the age of 45, your body

Walking not only delays or reverses the sign of physical aging – brittle bones, fatigue, lack of energy, etc – but also to your brain function. Walking daily is one way to keep your brain specifically your memory sharp.

Walking Makes You Feel Better About Yourselfesteem

Today’s world is filled with emotional vampires from your colleague, friends, and family members.

The world is too competitive yet filled with people who weigh down or belittles your ambition.

Add social media where insults and demeaning actions even from strangers can affect anyone.

Because of this, more and more people suffer from anxiety disorders.

With pressures, toxic people, stress, and naysayers – it is no longer surprising why many people have problems when it comes to self-confidence.

Walking daily can enhance your self-image and self-esteem.

Exercise is vital to beat anxieties that more and more people experience and this includes walking. Going out for a walk is relaxing and helpful.

Go for nature walks if you can or walk with someone who supports you.

You will soon realize what a remedy walking has been to those emotions of doubts, fears, uncertainties, and self-doubt.

Walking Aids Addiction Control

Related to anxiety and stress, many individuals are also dealing with addiction –from drugs to gambling. Alcoholism is also another thing.

Ridding yourself from addiction takes a lot of challenge and determination.

If you on a journey to end your addiction permanently, you may consider walking as a subtle form of exercise or a good cardio activity towards regular exercise on top of other methods like counseling and medication.

Going out by walking also puts you away from temptations and is a step in the right direction.

It provides quick diversions from traps of your bad habits and addictions you’ve been trying to end and deal with.

With daily walks, you have something that requires your focus and attention and soon you will just realize that you’ve forgotten and taken control of your addiction.

Exercise releases the good dopamine or the so-called reward chemical – no longer released from other pleasures but from exercise.

Exercise also reboots your circadian rhythm that helps in relaxation and temper management.


Walking is more than a physical exercise.

It is a simple cardio activity that everyone can do without spending too much time on and can be done anywhere with a long list of rewards not just for the body but for the mind.

With today’s world filled with stiff competition, ambition, toxicity, stress, and depression – sweating it out is the cure.

Likewise, more and more people live a sedentary lives and walking is a great way for everyone to kickstart a fitness program.

Take the baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle with walking.

To maximize the benefits of walking, regular walks are required. Walking daily is very feasible.

You don’t have to spend an hour or go to a specific place. You can do it when your schedule and your will power permit.

Go out during lunch break.

Take a walk in the afternoon with your kids. Or walk at night. A more pleasurable experience is to hike in the outdoors.

Walking is possible!

From losing unwanted pounds to weight management, these mental benefits will motivate and give you more reasons to start walking today!

The Mental Health Benefits of Walking Daily
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The Mental Health Benefits of Walking Daily
Walking not only have physical benefits, but it has many mental health benefits as well. I explain some of the most important mental health benefits of walking.
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