Top 3 Womens Walking Sandals on the Market!

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As we all know walking is a great form of exercise, and when the weather permits you to wear sandals while walking, it is even better. In this post, I will be sharing with you the 3 best walking sandals for women on the market today, which will be broken down into small, medium, and larger budget sizes.

Before we get to the good stuff, I am going to tell you what you need to look for in a good pair of walking sandals.

What to Look for in a Good Walking Sandal

The first thing you want to be sure of is that the sandals are comfortable.

Walking sandals are quite different than walking shoes, so you need to make sure you are getting a pair that is designed for walking specifically. The last thing you want to do is strap any old pair of sandals to your feet and begin your walking routine.

Unless you want your feet, muscles, and tendons to be killing you that is.

The next important factor is support. You want to make sure that the walking sandals you purchase have an adequate amount of support so that you are preventing any possible injuries.

Support is something that not many think of when they think of sandals, but good walking sandals do in fact put a lot of focus on support.

Another aspect of support is arch support. Arch support is critical if you are going to be walking for any sort of distance in sandals. Excellent arch support is another area that the best walking sandals excel in.

This is probably the first thing you will notice when you put a well constructed pair of sandals on for the first time.

Some more features you need to pay attention to are shock absorption, comfortable straps to prevent blisters, good out soles for traction, and moisture wickening properties for sweat and rain so that your feet are not slipping all over the place.

Time to share with you the 3 best ladies walking sandals.

Don’t worry all 3 of them meet the criteria above, so you decision will basically come down to visual preference and budget.

You will they all will have similar benefits and features, and that is because they are true walking sandals, all three of them are very well built and are specifically engineered for serious walkers.

The Top 3 Best Womens Walking Sandals on the Market!

ECCO Sport Yucatan Sandal (Larger Budget)

ecco sport yucatan








This pair of womens walking sandals is the cream of the crop, and if you budget allows, they are a must have.

The ECCO Sport Yucatan Sandals are so comfortable that it literally feels like you are wearing shoes. They are known for their extreme comfort, extra supportive arches, and comfortable straps.

Who they are for:
These sandals are for someone who is looking for a very comfortable walking sandal solution.

They are ideal for someone who walks a lot and for long distances. So those of you who have daily walking routines and those who are on their feet all day. Also, if you have flat feet, these are the walking sandals for you.

This is the larger budget pick, so of course your budget has to allow for the slightly higher price tag as well.

These sandals are great for walking on all terrains – pavement, trails, the beach, rocks etc …

The straps can be adjusted in several different places, so your foot feels like it is very snug with zero movement/slipping.

Here are some of the key features of this walking sandal:

  • Leather upper that contains a comfortable stretch fit lining that ensures the tops of your feet are getting the love they deserve.
  • Built in arch support that is very soft and comfortable on your arches, even with all day use.
  • Triple hook and loop strap system that is made up of straps that are comfortable and will not cause irritation or blisters from rubbing.
  • Dual density footbed that is treated to prevent bacteria from forming as well as controls odor.


The ECOO Sport Yucatan walking sandals are the very best option on the market today.

However, they might be a little pricey for some, but the extra cash spent will be well worth it.

These sandals are high quality and will last for years to come. If you enjoy walking a lot and want a pair of top of the line sandals then this is the solution for you.


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Chaco ZX/2 Unaweep (Medium Budget)

chaco zx2









Despite the unique name, these womens walking sandals are a pure joy to put on and provide a very smooth ride throughout your entire walk.

Chaco is very conscious of the environment and landfills, so they make it very easy to replace any part of these sandals for a cheap price should anything break.

For example a strap, or the soles etc. Instead of throwing the whole sandal out and having to buy new ones, you can simply replace what has broken.

These sandals come in a variety of colors, so finding a visually pleasing pair shouldn’t be a problem.

They also come with two width options, medium and wide, which is good for those who have wider feet.

These sandals offer an amazing amount of arch support which is very important when walking long distances in sandals.

Who they are for:
The Chaco ZX/2 are for someone who needs a little extra arch support. If you have any foot issues at all, these are going to be a great option for you. A lot of attention has been placed on the foot bed of these sandals, so walkers who walk daily and for more than a mile or two will greatly benefit from this attention. These are a great second option to the option above at a cheaper price.

So if your budget doesn’t allow for the pricier sandals, these will be a better fit.

Key features:

  • Double polyester webbing straps that wrap around a great portion of your feet and through your midsole to provide a very customized fit.
  • Toe loop for your big toe which helps prevent slipping inside the sandal and added support.
  • LUVSEAT technology is what provides the top notch arch support.
  • Platform that consists of a mid sole and foot bed that is made up of comfortable and supportive poured PU that does not compression set.

These sandals are an excellent alternative to the ECCO Sport, and offer a great deal of arch support and comfort.

The only drawback is that the straps take a little to get broken in.

After wearing them a few times they will be fully broken in. If you are someone who needs arch support and want an all around comfortable walking sandal, these are for you.


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Teva Neota (Smaller Budget)

teva sandals









Don’t let the rugged look of the Teva Neota sandals fool you, these sandals are also a very comfortable option.

The first thing you will notice is how soft the foot bed is as well as how comfortable the straps are on the tops of your feet. The straps are lined with a soft material that feels great and does not rub.

Who are they for:
These sandals are for someone who is on a smaller budget and who doesn’t pay too much attention to how stylish their sandals are.These will be a great option for someone who often likes to take their walking routine off roading and hit some trails or an occasional hike. If you are someone who constantly walks, then one of the two options above might be a little better for you just because they will hold up a little longer.

Some features of the Teva Neota:

  • Waterproof leather upper that provides comfort all day long.
  • EVA foot bed that is molded and will form to your foot.
  • Durable rubber outsole that provides great traction and grip.
  • Lined strap system that can be adjusted in 3 places for support.

The Teva Neota is a great smaller budget walking sandal that you can take off road. If you are someone who wants a comfortable sandal that is not the most stylish, these may be a great fit for you.

The only complaint is that you may need to scrub the foot bed every once in awhile, as it seems to gather some odor after wearing for awhile.

If you do not consider yourself a hardcore walker, who has a consistent daily walking routine, then I would recommend these to you.


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